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Potentially harmful pollutants can be present inside virtually any indoor environment, from houses to offices to hospitals. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a matter of concern in any centralized air conditioning system globally. It is known to us that after a few years of use, the fungus starts to grow inside all the corners and joints of the duct and which subsequently becomes the breeding ground for different types of bacteria, moulds etc and get transported into the air conditioned spaces. Occupants who inhale this contaminated air become prone to illness like migraine, tiredness, depression etc.

Ventilation systems are designed to supply or extract air from spaces they cool. However, even with filters, contaminants enter the system and accumulate substantially over the years. A dirty ventilation duct creates a fire danger also. Dust burns very easily and with suction in the in the duct system, the fire spreads rapidly. So it is very important to have your duct clean and dust free.

Pro Cleaning Co. brings to you the Robotic Technology to clean the AC Ducts effectively and efficiently. This Robot also inspects the duct whether the cleaning is required or not.

Indoor Air Quality
Most of person's exposure to many air pollutants comes through inhalation of indoor air, both because of the amount of time spent indoors and because of the higher pollution levels indoors. According to the World Health Organization, about one-third of new buildings worldwide are not fit for human use due to severe indoor air pollution. Important sources of chemical indoor pollutants include, the human body and human activities, emissions from building materials, furnishing and appliances and use of consumer products.

We do the audit of indoor air in terms of particulate count and microbial load. Periodic review/audit of these parameters is very important to adopt the right the IAQ measures.