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There is a big difference between cleaning carpet and maintaining carpet. Cleaning is the removal of apparent soil. For many commercial carpet owners, cleaning takes place irregularly, on an “as needed” basis. Soiling, however, is a cumulative process which, if allowed to go too far, cannot easily be reversed. Maintenance, in contrast to cleaning, is a scheduled on-going process of soil removal designed to maintain carpet’s daily appearance at a consistent level of cleanliness.

When properly maintained, carpeted surfaces act as a filter and actually hold soil, debris and minute contaminants preventing them from becoming airborne. As a matter of fact, a carpet is designed to hide soiling and by the time a carpet \"looks\" dirty, it can have a great deal of contamination already in it. Routine carpet maintenance not only improves carpet appearance and prolongs fabric life; it can also benefit a facilities indoor air quality.

Cleaning methods we use
The choice of the proper cleaning system is extremely important. Some systems leave residues which promote re-soiling and defeat the whole purpose of cleaning. Some methods actually damage the carpet fibers and shorten the life of the carpet.

For Deep Cleaning we use warm water extraction or steam cleaning methods. For Light Surface Cleaning we use Dry Cleaning method using Carpet Absorbent Cleaners. We do not recommend shampoo method due to its numerous disadvantages.

Pro Cleaning Co. brings to India - Envirodri Carpet Cleaning System
For unrivalled versatile deep cleaning, the outstanding environmentally aware Envirodri range of Dry Carpet Cleaning products offers you the unique and effective solution – cleaning without water! With no down-time, the system allows carpets to be walked on both during and immediately after cleaning.

At the heart of the Envirodri system are the natural EnvirodriMicrosponges. These tiny, organic, sponge-like particles contain just the right amount of natural detergent and wetting agent to dissolve and absorb oil or water-based dirt. The particles are brushed and agitated deep into the pile using the Envirodri Gen 4 Machine and then simply vacuumed away to leave the carpet dry, deep-cleaned and smelling fresh.

Benefits of Envirodri System:
 • Suitable for all types of carpeting from Synthetics to Naturals
• No shrinkage, color running or mildew associated with wet cleaning
• Takes the guess work out of spot and spill removal
• No sticky residue left which can attract fresh dirt, so carpets really do stay cleaner for longer

Upholstery Cleaning
It is very important to clean your upholstery, as it improves the air quality in your home/environment and thus the health of your entire family. Our cleaning methods eliminate the hassle of moving your furniture and upholstery. The fabric will be dry within a matter of hours and looks as clean as new. We use only environment-friendly chemicals and materials.

Pro Cleaning Co. specializes in the following carpet & upholstery cleaning & disinfection services:
• Commercial Wall-to-Wall Carpets
• Stairs and Hallways
• All range of Domestic Rugs
• Imported Carpets
• Fabric Sofa Seat
• Leather Sofa Seat
• Chair & Couch
• Mattress