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Those smears and streaks on your windows can be a big headache if left unattended. It\'s even dangerous sometimes when you clean them by yourself as you may need to climb ladders and high places. Let our professional staff take care of those and we assure you that your windows will look like new every day. We realize window cleaning is time consuming, difficult and sometimes dangerous to do and most likely is at the bottom of your “To Do” list. By having a courteous, conscientious professional take care of this chore for you on a regular basis, you’ll have a year-round sparkle, and be the pride of your neighborhood. We offer a unique window cleaning service for houses, townhouses, multiplexes, offices, factories, shops and showrooms.

We are Professional window cleaners that clean your windows when it suits you, whether you prefer one-off or on a regular basis. Our fully equipped vehicles bring everything that we need directly to you. We utilize a de-ionized ultra pure water cleaning system for all exterior windows cleaning to achieve the best possible results and keep your windows cleaner longer. By using state of the art water fed cleaning poles with our de-ionization system we can eliminate ladder use and thus greatly reduce safety concerns along with potential damage from ladder use.

Post Construction Window Cleaning
Post construction window cleaning is a very specialized window cleaning task. Paint, plaster, stucco, texture, cement and other masonry substance, tape, window manufacturer stickers, adhesive residue, and silicone residue are all examples of debris and overspray that commonly come in contact with windows during new construction and remodel work.  Removal of these substances requires not only proper tools, chemicals and a unique skill set, but also thorough knowledge of today's glass technology, different varieties and potential glass quality issues. “Advanced Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing” specializes in this area of window cleaning. Whether you are a builder who needs a full post construction window clean or a home owner who needs paint removed from their windows after a recent home improvement project, do give us an opportunity to prove our capabilities.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning for Window Treatment / Blinds
This window treatment cleaning method is proven to be very effective in most cleaning cases, ranging from drapes, blinds, Honey Comb shades, and motorized drapes. The principle of ultra sonic cleaning method for window treatments consists of immersing a part in a suitable liquid medium, agitating or sonicating that medium with high-frequency (18 to 120 kHz) sound for a brief interval of time (usually a few minutes), rinsing with clean solvent or water and drying. The mechanism underlying this process is one in which microscopic bubbles in the liquid medium implode or collapse under the pressure of agitation to produce shock waves, which impinge on the surface of the part and through a scrubbing action, displace or loosen particulate matter from that surface. The process by which these bubbles collapse or implode is known as cavitation.

Other Services that we offer under window treatment and window cleaning:
• Window Frames
• Aluminum paneling and cladding
• Chandelier Cleaning
• Skylight Cleaning
• Blinds Cleaning
• Window Shutter Cleaning
• Solar Plates Cleaning
• Exterior Light Fixtures
• Glass Scratch Removal
• Canopies & Patio Awnings
• Mineral Deposit Removal