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We Clean for your Health
Over the past decade, awareness has grown about the effects of the indoor air quality on an individual’s health & sense of well being. Indoor air pollution can occur due to physical, chemical and microbiological agents and can be further aggravated by poor ventilation.

About Pro Cleaning Company
Pro Cleaning Co. (hereinafter Pro Cleaning) is one of the Companies of the Global Excellence Group. Established in the NCR of Delhi in 2008, it is backed by Group’s 4 decades of expertise within the cleaning & hygiene industry.

Pro Cleaning delivers a full range of scheduled cleaning services to commercial establishments and residences. Properties can differ in the type of cleaning requirements so we tailor our services to suit their requirements. In this way we are able to offer effective and detailed solutions that add value to your property(s).

The company has always been ready to initiate change, rethink objectives, take radical action and become extremely inventive. In just 4 years, the company has earned the confidence of the Corporate and Home Owners all over the Country.

Our strength lies in building customer partnerships and ensuring a synergetic approach in our service delivery. This commitment to customer satisfaction, paired with the outstanding quality in our products and services are the reasons for our customers selecting us as their preferred hygiene and cleaning solution provider.

As dedicated specialists we invest heavily in personnel training along with their health & safety. All our Crew members are carefully vetted, reliable, professionally trained and experts in all areas of commercial and domestic cleaning.

A straightforward and clearly defined strategy guides Pro Cleaning’s daily actions. Our corporate strategy is to continually expand the range of related services we offer to existing customers, no matter where they do business around the country. This has been – and remains today – key to Pro Cleaning’s continued success and growth.

The company sources and uses globally renowned Eco-Friendly line of Sustainable Cleaning & Hygiene products that have a very small carbon footprint.


ceiling cleaning
Pro Cleaning Company can make your ceilings look new again without being painted or replaced. We have 18 eco-friendly products and knowledge to address this problem.

window and window treatment cleaning
Those smears and streaks on your windows can be a big headache if left unattended. Let our professional staff take care of those and we assure you that your windows will look like new every day.
floor cleaning and restoration
Dirt and grime compromise the finish and appearance of your floors, giving them an unprofessional look. Keep your floors clean and looking their best with professional floor cleaning & restoration services.
facade and exterior cleaning
In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important, from a design stand point, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. In commercial terms we can say that facade is the business card of every building.
 carpet and upholstery cleaning
There is a big difference between cleaning carpet and maintaining carpet. Cleaning is the removal of apparent soil. For many commercial carpet owners, cleaning takes place irregularly, on an “as needed” basis.
ac duct cleaning
Potentially harmful pollutants can be present inside virtually any indoor environment, from houses to offices to hospitals. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a matter of concern in any centralized ac system globally.
after construction cleaning
The mess of post construction is unbearable. Dust everywhere, stained walls, dirty skirting and window sills. After Construction Cleaning includes cleaning of every single premise where work has been done.
end / beginning of tenancy cleaning
If your tenancy agreement has come to an end/beginning, this service is especially for you. We know how important is to leave the property immaculate.

deep cleaning and disinfection
Keeping the environment clean and orderly is very important for health, safety, and the emotional well-being of both - Occupants and Visitors. The most important step in reducing the number of germs.
pre and post events cleaning
If you are holding a event such as a party, music festival, trade show, sporting event or seminar, we can supply the staff you need to clean, host or simply arrange a pre or after-clean service at a cost that meets your budget.


Always a pleasure to use the service of Cleaning Mates . Your team is highly efficient and effective.
- Ms. Manisha Chauhan (Banker)
Have got cleaning services done and will definitely hire the crew back and I am sure that they will address all the desired issues with a great attitude. They are so professional, friendly and love dogs. Thanks Pro Cleaning Company.!! See you in few weeks…
- Ira Malhotra (Entrepreneur)

Excellent team work for customer delight
- Ms. Neelofar Siraj (Homemaker)

I love the way they had cleaning my house ,I m just to totally impressed.
- Radha Sharma (Cooperate Employee)

Job has been carried out to my satisfaction
-Ms Madhulika (Gurgaon)

Good Job, Courteous & friendly staff. Good experience.
- Mr Pranav (New Delhi)
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What are your rates?
Our pricing is completely individualized. We base our pricing on many factors, including the Size, Structure, Clutter and even your lifestyle. That is why we like to meet with you before quoting you a price.

Pro Cleaning Company works with every owner to create a custom cleaning plan designed on frequency, preferences and your budget. Your time is valuable. Let us help you enjoy more of it.

Do you have packages?
No, we completely individualize our cleaning. We use a proven system to clean thoroughly, consistently and efficiently. For a list of items we generally clean during a visit, please visit Our Website. We also tailor our visit to your individual needs and your cleaning requirements.

Communication is important for any relationship including ours. Our service Team understands we must earn your trust during every visit. It's why we're so flexible, offering customized cleaning service plans designed with your needs in mind. No contracts. No hassle. Establishing this open communication and being flexible ensures your satisfaction as a long-term customer.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, chemicals and equipment?
Yes, we bring everything we need to clean. You don't have to provide a thing.

How many people will come during each cleaning?
Typically, there will be team of three - a team captain and two team members. On some occasions, there may be more.  It is all based on the type of Cleaning and area of Cleaning.

If I sign up for long-term service, will the same person will come each time?
All of our staff delivers exceptional cleaning services, and for the sake of consistency, we normally send the same person or team to our clients that have a regular cleaning service with us. If you encounter any problems with our highly trained and friendly staff, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What if a business or organization simply needs a round of basic cleaning tasks done on a regular basis?
PCC deals with both small and large cleaning jobs. If a client wants a cleaning service crew to come in to dust, empty trash cans, and mop the restroom floors on a regular basis, then you may need to contact the Housekeeping Companies. We do not provide Housekeeping staff.

Why does your company need to carry out a site survey?
Yes, a site survey permits us to identify your companies’ specific cleaning needs.

How do I know your company will provide what we are looking for?
By gaining an understanding of your concerns and issues that you are currently experiencing with your cleaning contractor we will put a plan together that will address all the issues for you. In addition we will design a best cleaning program that will fully satisfy your requirements.

By carrying out a site survey and asking you a few questions we will create and agree with you a tailored cleaning specification. This specification will be designed individually for your business based on your requirements and your premises.

How often should I get the office cleaned?
This will depend on a number of factors including the size of the office, number of employees and the type of business you operate. PCC will help tailor a cleaning package to meet your requirements outlining recommended frequency, duration and type of cleaning duties carried out at each visit. If you have +10 employees or your business is open to the public then areas such as reception, bathrooms and kitchens and rubbish removal generally need daily attention and these areas should be cleaned monthly by a professional team.

What types of cleaning products are used for office cleaning?
Gone are the days when only harsh chemical products were used to clean and sterilize commercial environments. PCC today utilize non-hazardous cleaning products. The scale at which biodegradable and environmentally friendly products are used will vary from product to product. If you or any of your employees have specific health or ethical concerns, please discuss this with our Management Team in advance.

Will the cleaning affect operating my business?
No. PCC have flexible cleaning hours to fit in with our clients’ requirements. Our teams work after hours, at night, early morning and on the weekends.

Why does the first time cleaning cost more?
The first cleaning of your premises will cost more because it takes more time for us to clean. We give your home or office a thorough first time cleaning that helps us maintain the cleanliness for subsequent cleanings.

What type of business do you clean?
PCC is specialized in providing cleaning services for all type of business, buildings and offices, medical facilities, financial institutions, entertainment industry, high tech industry, manufacturing industry, law offices, schools, stores, etc. We clean small, medium, and large offices/buildings from 100 sq. ft. to 1,000,000 sq. ft. and up in all areas no office/business is too large or small for Pro Cleaning Company.

What is included in your estimate?
Pro Cleaning Company’s estimate/prices includes all the services and benefits that will be listed in your proposal/estimate also included are equipment, supplies, trained professional cleaners, insurances, transportation and much more, together with a cleaning solutions plan that provide and guarantee you an excellent cleaning service with one great price.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
We accept payment in cash, cheque and Online Transfer. If we are performing a once-off clean for your home or office, payment is due on the same day. For a regular cleaning service, we can tailor a convenient payment solution on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Do you give a Tax Invoice or Receipt?
You'll receive a detailed tax invoice for every cleaning service that we provide.

Does My Cleaner Expect to Be Tipped?
Tips are not accepted for our cleaners. Your quote covers all costs associated with the service. If you feel that your cleaner performed an exceptional job, please feel free to leave a comment on Job Card.

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